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We have a close relationship with “Display Material” suppliers & have created a selection of dynamic promotional support items.


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We aim to assist you to make this incredible “customer attraction & retention” concept as successful as possible!

Simply scroll through the “Support Material” options we have here & select those that suit your centre.

We recommend that you definitely invest in the Display & Podium – as this would be the important “Redemption Point” for Holiday Certificates.

We have a relationship with Vivid Displays – & you can order your desired items from them via this page if you like.

Facebook Ads

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Pull-up Banner

Display Flags




Facebook Ads

See below an example image and copy for a Facebook ad. And further below is a selection of different images you might like to consider using for your facebook ads.


Your Shopping Centre Name

This is our greatest ever “SHOPPER REWARD!”

Enjoy an incredible 7 Nights Bali Or Phuket Resort Holiday For Just $99 simply by spending a certain amount in our centre up till Christmas!

It’s simple – bring your “same day” receipts to our Concierge Booth in the centre & for every $100 spent, you’ll receive a Holiday Certificate with a unique code.

You then simply “register” your Certificate “unique code” online.
Once you register 10 Holiday Certificates online, you’re eligible to get 7 NIGHTS HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION for two FOR JUST $99 – with a choice of beautiful resorts in Bali or Phuket!

Check out the details at (shopping centre URL link)

Under the image in bold:

Enjoy 7 Night Holiday For Two In Bali Or Phuket For $99

Click The Image Above To View And Download The Full Size Version

Website Panel

Click The Image Above To View And Download The Full Size Version

Pull Up Banners

Standard Pull Up Banners

These single sided banners will certainly help ‘spread the news” to shoppers throughout your centre!

Easy to erect, they are a great “display item” to put anywhere in your centre.

Sizes: 800 W x 2,000 H

Price: $95

Double Sided Pull Up Banners

These sturdy “double-sided” banners suit anywhere in your mall, capturing attention from any angle.

You might like to place a number of them throughout your mall, particularly in the “high traffic” areas.

Sizes: 850mm W x 2,000mm H.

Price: $299

Display Flags

Bow Head Flags

Ideal for using in tight spaces throughout your mall – or even perhaps to give to some of your “more entrepreneurial” tenants?

Sizes: 750mm W x 3,500mm HW x 4800 H)

Price: Single sided $169

            Double sided $209

Rectangle Flags

Also great for tight spaces – & ideal for being positioned throughout your malls.
Also good to compliment your “Redemption Booth”.

Sizes: 700mm W x 3,000mm H

Price: Single sided $169

           Double sided $209

Display & PODIUM


The perfect “booth-style” display unit to play the role of your “Redemption Centre” throughout the promotion.

This backdrop & podium would be your “central point” for distributing Holiday Certificates to customers & answering any questions.

Sizes: 2,980mm W x 2,250mm H

Price: Large Exhibition Display + Podium – $1,499



If you have a small mall & would prefer a “more boutique” Redemption Centre for your Host, this could be ideal.
Easy to erect & also easy to move if you need to!
Sizes: 1,060mm W x 460mm D x 1,000mm H

Price: $499


Please find below a selection of images, logos and graphics that you are free to use as part of any additional promotional material you wish to put together. For example, you may feature such artwork on brochures or newspaper advertising.

Simply click on the image you are interested in to see it full screen. Then just right click it and then select “save image as” to be able to save the image to your computer.